Access Control Systems & Installation

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Maintaining your safety and that of those you are responsible for is a huge responsibility. Modern access control systems can help you keep your residential or commercial building more secure by limiting who can enter. At Sprouse’s Locksmith in Bethlehem, PA, we take your security seriously. We offer a wide range of access control products and provide professional installation services that you can trust.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to access control for your home or business. Different circumstances call for a variety of products. We can install standalone security for specific entryways or multidoor systems for whole building access control, whatever works best for your unique situation.

Protect Your Safety at Home and Work with Access Control Devices and Systems

image of analog and digital keypad locks (top), a door buzzer system (middle), and a key-card reader next to an office door (bottom).

Call us for all your Commercial security needs including keypad locks (top), intercom systems (middle), and key-card access control systems (bottom).

We provide a broad assortment of access control systems for your home or office, including:

Keypad Locks: Limit your access to those who know the code with one of these at each entryway. We can install these door locks at your home or commercial building. If you feel your code has been compromised, we can program your system to accept another code of your choice and reject the previous code.

Face Recognition: For your more sensitive areas, you might want to employ a more specialized device, such as a facial recognition system. If someone wants to gain access, they will have to be programmed into the system. Unless the system recognizes the face, it will not allow them to enter.

Fingerprint Lock: These biometric locks offer many advantages. Since no two humans have the same exact set of fingerprints, only you can get inside. Your fingers are always with you, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Fingerprint locks are also harder for a thief to override, making them a more secure option than a classic lock. They are easy to use and help simplify your employee management tasks. We can install these and other biometric locks that will provide a higher form of security.

Alarmed Exit Devices: These work well in many commercial situations, including restaurants and retail businesses. You can set up your loading doors and emergency exits with these alarms to deter their usage except during shipment unloading and emergencies.

Key Card or Fob Proximity Readers: This system offers a touchless access control option for the health of your building. A proximity card can be read from a distance, without inserting it in a card reader. We offer prox fobs and cards to make it easy for employees to get to work safely.

Door Buzzer System: Door buzzers have been used for many decades to keep apartment buildings safer. Now the technology is spreading to small businesses and homes. Visitors have to buzz in and announce themselves to gain entrance to your building.

Video Doorbell: No more asking “Who is it?” and hoping you get a pleasant answer when you let us set up a video doorbell at your home or business. You can see any potential guests on your monitor and decide whether to allow entry.

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With a lifetime of experience, our second-generation locksmith services offer many advantages. First, we understand the importance of using only high-quality products. At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we offer quality hardware from Schlage, Kwikset, LSDA, and Medeco that we personally guarantee and warranty. Our mobile 24-hour emergency locksmith service is always ready to help you when you are locked out.

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