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We Service and Sell Safes and Vaults for Your Home and Office

image of one of Sprouse's technicians repairing a safe.

One of our commercial clients had lost the combination to their safe, so we opened it for them, made sure everything was clean and in perfect working order, and reset the combination for them.

Having a safe at home or in your office is one of the best ways to keep your valuable away from danger. However, safes can sometimes fail and can no longer be opened without the help of an expert safe locksmith. This can happen for many reasons, including a broken or worn lock, the loss of its combination, lack of use, etc. At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we have the most professional safe locksmiths in the Lehigh Valley area.

Whether you need to change your safe combination or are in the market for American made gun safes, at Sprouse’s Locksmith you can find everything you may need to fulfill your safe box needs. Stop by our storefront and check out our selection of safes for sale in-store and we’ll help you pick the perfect one for your specific needs. We also provide safe delivery and installation, as well as a variety of combination home safes. So don’t hesitate and take a look around. If you don’t see what you want, one of our trusty gun safe locksmith technicians will be happy to help you.

Why Should I Choose Sprouse’s Locksmith?

There are many reasons why our customers have chosen us, but the most important one is probably our experience. As a second-generation locksmith, we have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of experience that we apply towards solving the most complex locksmith challenges. There is no job too big or too small for our locksmith technicians, and you can be sure they will get the job done to the best of their ability.

We offer a wide range of safes and vaults for sale as well as safe repair services and more:

  • New & used safe sales
  • safe delivery & installation
  • safe unlock service
  • Lock & handle upgrades
  • maintenance & repair
  • safe move & re-install
  • bolt down safes
  • affordable home safes
  • jewelry safes
  • wall safe
  • used safes
  • floor safe
  • Liberty safe
  • Sentry safe
  • AMSEC safe
  • Champion safe
  • home safe
  • fire rated safes
  • burglary rated safe
  • burglary repair
  • open locked safes, and much more

Honoring Our Seniors and Veterans

At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we recognize the value of seniors and veterans and want to honor them by offering an additional 10% discount. So, next time you visit us, if you’re a senior or a veteran, simply ask for your special discount at check out and we will be happy to make your bill even lower as a way to show our gratitude.

We aim to please our customers, which is why all of our techs are professional, courteous, and continuously trained in new techniques and products. So, whenever you are in a bit of a pinch and need help with your locks, keys, or safe, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and our store is open during business hours so you can simply walk in and tell us how we can help you best. Because at Sprouse’s Locksmith nothing is more important than your ability to keep your world safe.