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image of a residential security system with monitor (top), commercial CCTV cameras (middle), and key-card electronic access control at a business door (bottom)

We install and service a wide variety of home and commercial security systems large and small. We can install residential camera systems that record and allow you to monitor via your TV or your smartphone (top), outdoor CCTV cameras for your commercial property (middle), and electronic access control keypads that control the doors in your business (bottom).

With the growing need for higher security, having effective security systems & alarms installed and serviced by an expert is a necessary step. Sprouse’s Locksmith offers a wide selection of home, school, and commercial security systems for Bethlehem, PA, so you can feel safe wherever you are.

The idea of security has taken on new dimensions in the past few decades. To meet the need, security systems have become more advanced, less noticeable, and much more effective.

Four Basic Types of Security Systems For Home and Business

  • Monitored Security Systems and alarms are the most often chosen type for homes and businesses. You can choose to monitor them yourself or have a company monitor for you.
  • Unmonitored Security Systems emit an ear-splitting alarm when they sense motion near your doors and windows. Some of them are smartphone compatible, so you can see what is happening remotely.
  • Wireless Security Alarm Systems require no wiring. They consist of sensors, cameras, alarms, and detectors and are managed by a main control panel and require a reliable wifi connection.
  • Wired Security Systems are connected to an alarm panel comprised of low-voltage wiring. This provides a strong, reliable connection to protect your property.

Today’s world requires state-of-the-art security systems & alarms. At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we offer residents and business owners a full variety of options to keep your property safe, no matter what your budget.

Trustworthy Home Security Systems

Your home is not only your biggest investment, it is also where your beloved family is. It is estimated that about every 13 seconds in the United States a house is burglarized. Providing the right amount of security to keep your loved ones and belongings safe is crucial. Sprouse’s Locksmith is proud to provide professional installation and service for an assortment of home security systems.

We offer a variety of home surveillance systems, doors, locks, IP cameras, home alarm systems, and video recording, so you can find just the right system to protect your home and family.

Commercial Security Systems

Keep your employees, customers, and assets safe with a commercial security system from Sprouse’s Locksmith. We offer a wide selection of electronic key cards, indoor and outdoor cameras, commercial alarms, wireless alarms, locking hardware, and more, so you can protect your investment around the clock.

School Security Systems

Never before has the need for safety at school been so great. Our children depend on us to protect them. Modern technology has made it easy to outfit your school, daycare center, or after-school program with premium security. We offer an assortment of school security doors, electronic access and locking systems, CCTV, and video surveillance, along with professional installation and service.

Advantages of Choosing Sprouse’s Locksmith

When you work with an experienced professional, you are guaranteed a high-quality security system installation. At Sprouse’s Locksmith, you reap the benefits of two generations of locksmith expertise. There is a lifetime of experience behind every security system we install. We believe in using only the best products for our customers. Quality hardware that we guarantee and warranty, from industry leaders like Schlage, Kwikset, LSDA, and Medeco, is all that we use. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith service is always available to get you out of a bind.

Come visit our showroom and check out the door hardware, deadbolts, door closers, car keys, car remotes, and gun safes we have for sale. Veterans and seniors, don’t forget to ask for your 10% discount!

Contact us today for more information about our home, business, and school security systems & alarms, along with professional installation and service.


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