Motorcycle Locksmith

We Specialize In Motorcycle Locks & Keys

Not everyone dreams of traveling our nation’s highways in a luxury car. There are those of us who cannot wait to climb on our bikes and roar through the countryside. If you’re a motorcycle lover, you’ll want the finest services for it. Whether you ride every day or save it for the weekends, you need a professional motorcycle locksmith to help you keep your chopper safe.

Sprouse’s Locksmith offers experienced, professional motorcycle locksmith services to take care of your bike’s security. We provide a comprehensive line of products and services for a wide range of brands and models. We provide the expertise you are looking for at a price you can afford.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

image of a BMW motorcycle with a new key in the ignition (top) and a motorcycle ignition lock of the type we repair and install (bottom).

We can handle all your motorcycle locksmith needs including cutting new ignition keys (top), and replacing or repairing ignition locks (bottom).

Losing your motorcycle key doesn’t have to mean losing your beautiful day out on the open road. Replacing your traditional motorcycle key is an easy job for a pro. Only professional motorcycle locksmith services can accurately replace your original with a key that is guaranteed to work. We can use your motorcycle’s ignition cylinder or the code on it to make you a brand new key.

Repair Motorcycle Ignition

Do you have to jiggle your key in the ignition to get it to turn? If you need to shake your key around to get your ignition to cooperate, you know the frustration it causes. At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we can repair or replace your motorcycle ignition, so you won’t have to dance with it every day before you get it to work.

Rekey a Motorcycle

Sometimes, people give copies of their motorcycle keys to trusted family or friends. However, as time passes, relationships can change. If you are worried that your motorcycle key has gotten into unreliable hands, rekeying may be the best option for your security.

Rekeying involves removing the cylinder that was designed to work with your key. When a new cylinder is put in its place, you will require a new key. This makes all the old key copies worthless for starting your motorcycle, securing it from theft.

At Sprouse’s Locksmith, we also offer chipped motorcycle keys, tubular Harley Davidson keys, along with gas cap lock and key sets.

Reasons for Choosing a Professional Motorcycle Locksmith

When you work with an experienced expert, you get many benefits. Sprouse’s Locksmith is fortunate enough to have a second-generation locksmith with a lifetime of experience behind our work. We believe that a high-quality job requires high-quality products and use only quality hardware that we guarantee and warranty in our work. Products from industry leaders like Schlage, Kwikset, LSDA, and Medeco are what we provide our customers because we know their high standards.

We offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services, to get you out of a tight spot anytime. Stop by our showroom to see the selection of door hardware, deadbolts, door closers, car keys, car remotes, and gun safes we have for sale.

Contact us today at Sprouse’s Locksmith in Easton, PA to find out more about our full line of professional motorcycle locksmith services. Don’t forget to ask for your 10% discount for seniors and veterans.